Glorious Gibside

What a perfect day!
The sun shone and so did our children!
We had so much fun using Snowdrop the fairy’s magic to help find the 4 different fairytales and we walked a really long way! Then we ate lunch and did what children do best … … we PLAYED!
I am immensely proud of how far our children have come since September and how brilliant they all were today. It’s a long BLOG but it’s worth it!
Miss Holmes

3 thoughts on “Glorious Gibside”

  1. What a lovely day and memories. Thanks for letting me come along and share the experience also for helping to make Anna’s birthday so so special. Wonderful group of children, lovely to see them so happy together. Thankyou Miss Holmes, Mrs Matheson and Miss Collins

  2. A fab blog….definitely worth watching….
    The children were absolute stars on the trip…….they’ve grown so much in so many ways since September!
    I’m in total admiration of the fab reception team they have guiding them!!!
    You are fantastic!!!!

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